Yale Sustainable Food Program

Lazarus Summer Internship


Since 2003, the Yale Sustainable Food Program has awarded Yale College students an opportunity to engage directly in food and agriculture through hands-on learning at the Yale Farm and in the broader community. Each summer, a select group of Lazarus Summer Interns:

  • Learn how to cultivate our one-acre urban plot at hand-scale, using organic methods including seeding, pest management, crop rotation, and irrigation

  • Become familiar with agricultural economics

  • Learn the critical thinking skills necessary to manage complex agricultural systems

  • Hone teaching and public speaking skills while hosting groups and volunteers each week

  • Gain a unique understanding of food security issues in New Haven

  • Learn how to market vegetables to urban consumers

  • Participate in classes on food, agriculture, and the environment

  • Take a series of field trips to farms and organizations across Connecticut and New England

The Lazarus Summer Internship can act as a springboard for students who are looking to incorporate tenets of sustainable food and agriculture into their course of study at Yale and their subsequent careers. For more information, please see our 2019 overview of the position or contact Jeremy Oldfield. Applications re-open in January 2020.

The Internship is made possible thanks to the George ‘67 & Shelly Lazarus Fund in Sustainable Food and Agriculture.