Yale Sustainable Food Program

Chewing the Fat  


The Lazarus Events Series for Sustainable Food & Agriculture at Yale, also known as “Chewing the Fat,” is funded through a generous gift from Dr. George and Shelly Lazarus and offers Yale students a chance to learn more about food and farming through guest speakers, culinary workshops, and film screenings. 

People invited to speak as a part of Chewing the Fat represent a range of perspectives on and theories of food systems change, and stretch the bounds of conversations, debates, preconceptions and tropes that  have animated the mainstream “food movement” of years past. Chewing the Fat has been home to practitioners, academics, policymakers, advocates, and activists who generate critical thinking and discussion about food and agriculture, and their relationships to human values, science, and society. Some semesters, the series might be propelled thematically; previous semesters have seen themes such as food law and policy, food and gender, racial justice and food, corporate power and food systems change, and queer food politics. 

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As a preview to guests for our fall 2019 line-up, please see below. Details to follow in the coming weeks.

  • Monday, October 14: Cynthia Graber & Nicola Twilley, Journalists, Gastropod.

  • Wednesday, October 23: Soleil Ho, Restaurant Critic & Writer, San Francisco Chronicle.

  • Monday, November 4: Elizabeth Hoover, Professor of American Studies, Brown University.

  • Thursday, November 21: Bren Smith, Executive Director, GreenWave.