Yale Sustainable Food Program

 Our Collaborators


The YSFP is one of the Special Academic Programs housed in the Yale College Dean’s Office. While the majority of students who work with the YSFP are enrolled in Yale College, we also work with students and faculty in Yale’s graduate and professional schools, notably with the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, the Law School, the Divinity School, the School of Management, and in collaboration with the Yale Landscape Lab at West Campus, the schools of Nursing, Medicine, and Public Health.

Under the auspices of several laboratories, programs, and centers, students enrolled in the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences conduct disciplinary research on a range of agriculture and food topics. In partnership with these groups, the YSFP collaborates on a range of initiatives that span across disciplines and levels of study.

Food systems work is always community-engaged work, whether it is framed as primarily theoretical or practical. The YSFP supports community-driven change, and do not presume that our staff or students are the best people to assess, prioritize, or drive change that is distant from their expertise and homes. To this end, we provide awards and fellowships for Yale students to listen to and learn from community-based and community-engaged experts in the wider New Haven area and around the world, whether associated with civil society, public sector, or private sector organizations. We encourage students to act in service of community-identified needs. In accordance with this approach to community engagement, the YSFP generally does not directly initiate new service programs, but rather, seeks to situate students in the field and on the ground in support of established community-based organizations.

Below are examples of our past and current collaborators:

On-Campus Collaborators:

Yale Landscape Lab
The Yale Food Law Society (FoodSoc)
Coalition for Agriculture, Food, and Environment (CAFE)
Yale Environmental Protection Clinic
Yale Center for the Study of Race, Indigeneity, and Transnational Migration
Native American Cultural Center at Yale
Yale Hospitality
Yale Center for Teaching and Learning
Yale College Dean’s Office
Yale Environmental Humanities Initiative

Off-Campus Collaborators:

Row 7 Seed
The Bread Lab at Washington State University
The Global Alliance for the Future of Food