Yale Sustainable Food Program

A Global Perspective

We work with the belief that the most successful innovations are those that reflect local contextual knowledge.


It’s one thing to consider what it means to think about food systems around a seminar table. But how might that thinking be applied beyond the classroom’s walls? Perhaps more importantly: how might it be done in a way that is sensitive to ecology? Within the confines of bureaucracy? As an act of humility and with recognition of one’s own position?

With this unraveling series of questions in mind, the Yale Sustainable Food Program fosters innovative programs that concomitantly shape the worldviews and professional paths of students interested in food systems work.

Our Chewing the Fat speaker series suggests a plurality of food futures, and highlights the people working to bring them about.

The Global Food Fellowship facilitates research projects and pre-professional experiences that cautiously apply food systems thinking to real-world problems. Partnerships with New Haven organizations enhance the community and develop homegrown leaders with a deep knowledge of the local food scene. Further afield, the research and discovery done at Yale can be disseminated through global collaborations with international reach.